Ed Hardy Tanning Lotion

Do you want a superb bronze glow that makes heads turn? If so, then you should take a look at the Ed Hardy tanning lotion range. Ed Hardy products contain special formulas that help you achieve your maximum tanning potential.

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Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy Tanning Lotion – Your Hardcore Tanning Solution

Setting dark skin isn’t just something you want - it's an obsession. The vibrant, beautifully bronze shimmer and glow is the ultimate reward. Of course, getting that color isn't easy without a little helping hand. For anyone who is a hardcore fanatic looking to get exceptional color with as little work possible, Ed Hardy tanning lotion is the best choice.

The Ed Hardy line of indoor tanning lotion has exclusive and exotic formulas that use some of the best ingredients to help your skin reach its full potential. From extreme tingling formulas that give you a tan that is out of this world to formulas that promote bronzing and result in a wonderful golden glow, you can find it all here.

Once you reach your peak, you will want to hold your color and extend the life of your tan. Ed Hardy has excellent daily moisturizers that promote skin health and rehydrate your skin. When bundled with their tanning bed lotion, it's the perfect combination for the ultimate look and feel of your skin.

Don't you want to join the others who are achieving an incredible tan that lasts long and remains vibrant? Then grab yourself a bottle of Ed Hardy tanning lotion today and watch your skin shine like never before!

Ed Hardy Tanning Lotion


Ed Hardy Cheap Tanning Bed Lotions- An Innovative Tanning Experience

The dark bronzed look is much in vogue and Ed Hardy tanning lotions have been in the news for the same reason. Ed Hardy has a complete line of indoor tanning lotions that create an exceptionally natural looking tan. The natural ingredients in Ed Hardy tanning lotions amplify the effects of each tanning session.  The Exclusive and Premium Collection accelerate the tanning process by stimulating melanin production.  Moisturizers formulated with exotic oils and vitamins rehydrate the skin and give it the ultimate look and feel. 

They also offer a range of tan enhancers to help extend the life of your tan. Not only this, you can get hold of powerful sunscreens and sunless tanners at Ed hardy. We have a wide selection of Ed Hardy discount tanning lotions that are comparatively cheaper than salon prices. Shop around and make your pick.