Fiesta Sun Tanning Lotion

Looking for an indoor tanning lotion that is a joy to use? Then why not give Fiesta Sun tanning lotion a try? This brand is well known for being fun and light, while giving your skin the care it deserves.

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Fiesta Sun

Fiesta Sun by Performance Brands Tanning Lotion – Beautiful Skin for Life

Do you want a tanning lotion that is filled with a little fun and isn't so "serious" and intense? If so, Performance Brands brings you Fiesta Sun tanning lotion - the fun, light and gourmet line of tanning bed lotion!

Fiesta Sun has many different lines of indoor tanning lotion to meet your needs - Fruity Scentsations, Gourmet Desert Collection. To learn more about each collection, take a look at this quick rundown below:

- Fruity Scentsations has tanning bed lotions that are filled with exceptional bronzers. Choose from a series of exotic fruity scented combinations.

- The Gourmet Desert Collection is formulated with numerous vitamins and tanning accelerators, helping you get that golden glow with ease. Plus, their incredible desert-like fragrances are enough to make your mouth water!

What will you decide? Choose your favorite sun tan lotion and fall in love with these nearly edible scents from Fiesta Sun tanning lotion today.