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Pauly D

Pauly D Tanning Lotion – By Devoted Creations

If you're familiar with the popular television reality series Jersey Shore®, you know one thing for sure - the cast members are all about getting their tan on. On the other hand, popular cast member Pauly D took his obsession with tanning a step further and created a line of his own – Pauly D tanning lotion.

With Pauly D tanning lotion, you can finally reach your full potential. Your skin will crush the threshold and soar to new heights, giving you the dark and ravishing look you’ve always wanted. Unique ingredients like Monoi Butter give your skin the softest touch, making it silky smooth and less likely to dry out (unlike other tanning lotions that leave skin ashy and dull). That means your skin will be left to shimmer and show off that incredible glow, just like it should!

For the deepest and darkest tan possible, all Pauly D tanning products are equipped with bronzing agents that nestle into the pigments of your skin. The result is a wonderful and alluring golden bronze color. In other words – the perfect tan!

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Add a Zest to your Looks with our Pauli D Tanning Lotion Collection

Working on an ultra sexy trendy dark tan that will turn heads at the club tonight?

We all love to party but, work commitments don’t leave us much time to experiment with our looks. And, many-a-times we’re compelled to leave the alluring sun kissed look for another day. Not anymore! Pauli D’s collection of tanning lotions gets you dressed up in time for the party and ensures you look great even when the party’s over. 

Pauli D tanning oil lavishes the awesome bronzed look in no time while also going two steps ahead for skin protection. The blend of superior quality ingredients and latest tanning technology grant skin a dark, lustrous tan. The anti-aging and skin firming ingredients banish the parched look and ensures skin retains its smooth texture suppleness. 

There is some more good news. You now don’t have to pay heavy for your tan. Buy Discount Pauli D tanning Products and flaunt the tan to die for.