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Kardashian Glow Tanning Lotions


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Let the amazing smell of the tropics whisk you away to a stress-free zone with these new tanning lotions by the Kardashians. Kardashian Glow bronzers and intensifiers feature top quality ingredients like Shea Butter and peridot extracts. These tanning lotions smell great, leaving you feeling relaxed during your tanning session.

The Kardashian Glow Tanning Lotions Line

These luxe silicone tanning lotions are a line featuring bronzers, a tanning intensifier, and a tan extender. Each product is carefully made with a special mix of ingredients that moisturize the skin and help prevent free radical damage so you look healthy and dark.

Bronzers by Kardashian Glow

With a great lime nectarine fragrance, this Kardashian Glow Dark Bronzer features a silicone tanning lotion with a firming complex for beautiful dark skin. The ingredients inside this tanning lotion give you a longer lasting glow, and dries quickly without shine.

The Kardashian Glow Natural Bronzer ensures an even, long-lasting application without DHA. This bronzer lotion is paraben-free, hypoallergic, and gluten free and is great for sensitive skin.

Four great Kardashian Glow Tanning Lotions products, four amazing fragrances! Try Kardashian Glow tanning lotion line today for a dark, long-lasting tan - and for discount prices, it must be Lewie's Tanning!