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Power Tan Tanning Lotion | Keeping it Small & Simple

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While there are a lot of large tanning lotion companies out there, some smaller operations still thrive by keeping it simple. Power tan tanning lotion is one of those “smaller” guys out in the industry, yet they deliver a line of indoor tanning lotion that can go toe to toe with some of the best!

Every Power Tan lotion is specially formulated with the right blend of extracts and ingredients that work together with your skin to produce powerful results. Incredible vitamins and minerals are blended to create a lotion that goes on smooth and hydrates your skin, giving it the softest touch and feel.

>Looking for the most intense tan possible? Power Tan has some excellent bronzing formulas that help you develop a nice even glow. For more experienced tanners, products like Onyx and its tingle formula increase circulation to make it even easier for your body to soak up the rays. You will literally feel it working as soon as you start your session – it’s that good!

For those who want a great color and want to keep it simple, Power Tan tanning lotion is the only way to go. Stock up with us and save big on all Power Tan indoor tanning lotion.