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Punky Tan Tanning Lotion | Sexy Skin Has No Rules or Boundaries

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Do you want to feel sleek, sexy and like you're living life on the edge? With Punky Tan tanning lotion, you will experience a rush of excitement unlike anything else, giving you a tan that is memorable, long lasting and truly out of this world!

Punky Tan tanning products come equipped with some of the finest ingredients and extracts to boost your skins health and luminance. Dual action bronzers and select tingling formulas push your skin past the boundaries to get the results you won't get with other tanning lotions – ultra dark color that glistens with the ultimate shimmer and shine. Combine that with ingredients that work hard for your skin to keep it looking firmer and always at its best and you've got a winning product!

A great skin tanning lotion should not just work great, but should also be affordable. Lucky for you, every single one of Punky Tan's products lives by that exact philosophy. The days of paying for overpriced and ineffective tanning lotion are through!

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