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Snooki by Sun Evolutions - Put an Urban Spin on Your Skin

A good tanning lotion will do two things – give you an undeniably beautiful golden tan and contribute to the overall health and appearance of your skin. These two things go hand in hand and any tanning bed lotion that doesn’t deliver these attributes isn’t worth buying. Of course, it should also be affordable. If you need an indoor tanning lotion that can bring your skin to new heights and make it come alive, High Fashion tanning lotion is the one!

Snooki by Sun Evolutions, which happens to produce some of the most exceptional tanning lotions within the industry. Snooki by Supre has intricate and creative formulas loaded with advanced ingredients that are proven to dramatically enhance the health and appearance of your skin, yet deliver a visually stunning golden brown glow at the same time. We’re talking about tanning bed lotion at the highest quality that you won’t find with any other brand.

If you want beautiful, younger looking skin with an outstanding tan to match, you need Snooki by Supre  tanning lotion. With our wholesale tanning lotion prices, you can pick up a bottle of this premium lotion at a fraction of the retail cost.

Put the urban spin on your skin and give it what it wants with Snooki by Supre  tanning lotion!