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Australian Gold Bronze Elements 25th Dimension Tan Bronzer - 10 oz.

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Australian Gold Bronze Elements Dimension Naturally Attractive Bronzer

That will foil any plans of being pale! Natural Bronzers, Mahakanni, Copper and Zinc, provide instant color gratification and delayed, developed color. Let your skin reflect its new inner strength as Rock-Solid Foundation Technology deeply nourishes for smooth, gorgeous perfection. Deluxe Bio-Active Bronzing Minerals strengthen and soften for touchable, sleek skin while Flawless Finish leaves skin without shine. The building blocks for gorgeous color every tanning session are Bronze Elements™!

• 25th Dimension Naturally Attractive Bronzer: A powerful blend of Natural Bronzers, Mahakanni and key darkening elements resulting in flawless bronze perfection
• Rock-Solid Foundation Technology: Unique skincare that helps strengthen and smooth for a strong tanning canvas
• Bio-Active Bronzing Minerals: Naturally obtained 92 essential minerals, including Silver, rejuvenate and soothe for visibly smoother skin
• Flawless Finish: Leaves skin with a touchable, powder-like feel
• Paraben Free
• Caribbean Sunset fragrance


10.0 oz.


One of the top lotions I have tried!
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