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Australian Gold VOGUE ONYX Extreme Bronzer Tan Lotion - 7.0 oz.

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Australian Gold Vogue Onyx Silicone/Bronzer This Silicone Base, DHA and new DermaDark bronzer, fashioned with a modern vogue ingredient, Black Onyx extract and advanced Liposome Technology combine to provide tanners with extravagantly rich, penetratingly dark skin color.

* Ultra advanced bronzing technology for maximum color that is both immediate and sustained for up-to-8 days.
* Luxuriously smoothest and softens for sensuously smooth skin , it's like a "drink of water for the skin" 
* Develops quick, rich color, while distributing color evenly and provides longer lasting results.  Now at cheap tanning lotion prices.


Australian Gold Vogue Onyx, Golden Orchard fragrance that is light and refreshing


7.0 oz.


Australian Gold Vogue Onyx extreme bronzer,
I have used this product before and I absolutely Love it. I got amazing color and I like the scent. DEfinetley worth the money
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