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Cheap Tanning Lotions for upcoming 2019 Tanning Season…The Best Bet for you and your Tanning Year!

When it comes to buying tanning oils and lotions, many of us tend to get skeptical. It’s natural for all of us want the best value for our money. In this respect, Lewie's tanning is your best bet.

Lewie's is known to have some of the best and most effective tanning bed lotions. Tan lotions from many top brands gives your skin an alluring golden brown tan. All our top sellers in Australian Gold, Designer Skin, Millennum, Supre and many more. The exotic ingredients obtained from different countries of the world treat skin and lends a radiant and youthful look. Your skin will remain smooth and firm. In addition to this, Lewie's Tanning Products are infused with pleasant floral fragrances.

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Be Happy Get Rid of Your Pale Skin. Use Tanning Bed Lotion Accelerators and Intensifiers

by Vernon Johnson
Have you had enough of the pale skin and looking for some cosmetic solutions to get you a tan with an instant effect? Well then, you have come to the right place! We are Lewie’s Tanning - a leading supplier of indoor tanning bed lotions that range from bronzers to sprays, accelerators to intensifiers, creams, and gels. Our products are sure to enhance your indoor tanning results if used on a regular basis.

Tanning  Accelerators and Intensifiers are an effective way to get you the desired skin color without a hassle. Packed with moisturizer, nutrients, and protectants, the tanning accelerators keep your skin conditioned and hydrated at all times under the sun. It jumpstarts the tanning process. Intensifiers on the other hand, are there to support the accelerator’s work on the skin. They help you achieve a deep and darker tan that you want in the comfort of your home or tanning salon.

So you can stop mulling over your pale color, you have a lot of options to navigate through. And the search won’t be overwhelming if you have chosen the trusted brands to help you with the issue. But how do you find the best skin products for you? You can visit our website right away, choose from a comprehensive of branded tanning products, and make the best buy. We have the most popular skincare brands on our website.

Top 10 Selling Tanning Lotions

by Vernon Johnson
Top 10 Tanning Products

Articles on Tanning

by Vernon Johnson
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Articles on Sunless Tanning

by Vernon Johnson

How to Get Great Sunless Tan: Tips for Effective Fake Tan


In this article, we will discuss helpful tips for tanning using sunless tanning products and air sprays.

Sunless tanning through tanning products is simple, yet many find it tough to get the perfect tan that they desire. If you are one of them and are blaming the tanning products, think again. Are you using these products right? The easy to follow tips delineated below will give you a lasting tan that you desire.

Handling the Classic Sunless Tanners


Applying sunless tanning products is a safe way to get the desired skin shade without exposing it to the harsh rays of the sun. However, to achieve a natural tan with sunless tanners, you need to apply them to all areas of your body. This especially applies to your feet and ankles. Here are a few tanning tips to help you out.

Start by exfoliating the feet and ankles to smooth them and remove dead cells. Massage thoroughly before washing off the scrub. Next, apply a thin layer of moisturizer in the entire area and the tanner will only cover the top of the feet. If you exfoliate the complete feet area and then coat them, the moisture will be retained for long.

Now, rub together small quantities of sunless tanner and moisturizer in your hands and apply the sunless tanner to the ankles, working the entire area going all the way down to the feet. The foot area only contains the top, and you should not apply the tanner to the heel, to the sides of the foot and the in between the toes.

Wash your hands and rub a little moisturizer on your palms. Apply the edges of the sunless tanner on the top of your foot in downward strokes on the sides of the feet, on the toes, and the heels as well. Finally, remove any sunless tanner from the dry areas such as the sides of the feet, toes, and the heels.

Once the tanner dries, spot any places where you have missed and apply a reasonable mixture of tanner and moisturizer. Use these tanning tips to derive maximum benefit from sunless tanners.Ensure that you take a good look of your body in the mirror to find out if you have done a thorough job. You don’t want a friend pointing out a spot for you.

Handling the Sunless Tanning Sprays is Not as Tricky as it Seems

Sunless tanning sprays, or the fake tan sprays as they are called, are FDA approved products, which means they are absolutely safe to use. Understand that these are “fake tan” sprays and not “fake” tan sprays. Although applying these products is simple, here are some tanning tips for using fake sprays.

To begin with, you need to choose the right the color for your skin as well as the correct tone such as light, medium, dark. Take assistance from your friends or loved ones if you find it hard to arrive at the right color for your skin. Next, exfoliate your skin as before using a body scrub. If you are a female, take a new razor and shaving cream to shave the legs.

Wash and dry your skin with a towel for 15 minutes or until completely dry. Take a small quantity of moisturizer and rub on your hands, elbows, knees, and ankles, as they are dry areas of the body. Open the can, and from a distance of about 10 inches from your skin, press down the nozzle and lightly spray the arm until completely covered. Do this with the rest of your body.

You can ask someone to perform the procedure on your back. To apply the spray on your neck and face, spray on your hands and quickly pat in on the select areas.

Finally, wash hands immediately after you are done and avoid taking a shower for a couple of hours. Use these spray tanning tips for future application as well.


Enjoy the Convenience of Airbrush Tanners

and its application mostly works in the same way as fake tan spray cans, i.e., you exfoliate your skin and apply lotion before spraying and keep the nozzle at a distance. Click here to check the tanning supplies & accessories.

Mostly importantly, either stand completely nude or wear dark colored swimwear when applying airbrush tanners. If you wear any clothing, it can be ruined permanently. So remember these spray tanning tips to darken your skin without having to sit under the sun.

Airbrush kits are yet another safe alternative for sunless tanning. A typical airbrush kit comes with a spray can, air ompressor, and spray nozzle. Sunless tanning products are your safest bet to getting a superb tan. You are also freed from spending hours together under the sun with the risk of getting sunburns. So, order your sunless tanning product today and get that great look you always wanted, right at your home.

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by Vernon Johnson
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