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Brown Sugar by Tan Inc. BLACK SENSATION Tingle - 64 oz.

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Brown Sugar by Tan Inc. Black Sensation Tingle 
Release your inhibition and allow the Tingle waves of color to crash against your skin.  You won’t want this sensation to end, as you feel the 100X Black Bronzing envelop and embrace with an inky bronze of a sun goddess.  This warm sensation crescendos into a state of dark bliss, with exotic Fire Tulip Extract soothing skin with a rejuvenated appearance and feel.  The rush of heat may be over, but your color beautifies & lingers as a ColorEvolve serum continues to cast a spell of golden bronze over your body.

• 100X Black Bronzers with ColorEvolve give skin ultra dark bronzing results that continue to deepen and last.
• Vivid sensation tingle gives your senses a rush, and skin a red blush.
• Fire Tulip Extract is the latest in skin soothing technology, calming your skin's surface for a fresh glow.

DHAFree, ParabenFree

Mango, Palm Milk, and Pomegranate Fragrance





64 oz.


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