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Brown Sugar by Tan Inc. SOUTHERN PRINCESS - 64.0 oz.

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Brown Sugar Southern Princess 200 X  Lotion by Tan Inc -64.0 oz. with pump  ~SALE PRICED~

Everybody loves a southern girl! The sweetest ones come from the south, stunning beauty and an attitude to match. Southern Princess is an Advanced (200X!) Black Bronzing lotion every bit as dark and sexy as you demand. All who lay eyes upon you are immediately smitten by your golden color, which lasts & lasts thanks to an anti-fade complex. An exclusive Sun-conscious™ serum forgives your skin's wild ways, turning back the clock and replacing vital nutrients. No matter where y'all are from, there's a little bit of the south in all of us. If not?- well, we can't all be perfect!

 • Advanced 200X Black Bronzers

• Bless your skin with your darkest bronze ever.

• Color Queen Anti-fade complex

• Keeps your golden tan, longer & deeper.

• Sun-conscious Body Butter serum

• Rejuvenates the feel & appearance of skin

• Removes fine lines & wrinkles for baby-smooth skin.

• Max Silicones for magically soft feel and application.

• DHA-Free, Paraben-Free

Brown Sugar Southern Princess Fragrance = Coconut Milk


64.0 oz.


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