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California Tan TEKTON DHA BRONZER Step 2 Deep Color - 8.5 oz.

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California Tan Tekton DHA Bronzer Step 2 for Deep Color

California Tan Tekton DHA Bronzer formulated to darken base tans and break through tanning plateau's. Although it's intended for use as a follow-up to California Tan TEKTON Step 1 Natural Bronzer, you can also use the product to fight signs of aging and enhance the coloration of your tan regardless of what you used as your base tan builder.Tektōnic Technology helps increase the number of epidermal stem cells for more youthful looking skin...

  • Naturally increase circulation and develop deep dark color with BronzeActiv 
  • Cocoa Extract helps protect skin against damage and provides a firming and slimming effect to skin
  • Enrich skin in moisture and help diminish fine lines and wrinkles with Vitamin A 
  • Accelerate and build the ultimate golden color with Vitatan

California Tan Tekton DHA Bronzer Fragrance =Sensual Citrus


8.5 oz.


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