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Designer Skin ELUSIVE 50 X Melanin Activated Bronzing -13.5 oz.

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Let Designer Skin Elusive 50 X  Melanin Activated Bronzing 

Clue you in with Elusive. The unprecedented power of 50X bronzers helps provide unparalleled bronzing results, while ChronoReset™ leaves skin with a timeless look. What can we say? Some people have it, everyone wants it.

• Designer Skin Elusive Breakthrough 50X Bronzer utilizes a combination of three tanning processes--Immediate Bronzing, Melanin Activated Bronzing and Delayed Bronzing--to help provide optimal color enrichment

• nEntice Elixir™, scientifically designed to work in conjunction with the 50X bronzer, utilizes and Amino Acid to help increase Melanin production and distribution 

• When used in combination with UV Light, ChronoReset™ Anti-Aging Synchronization can help restore your Circadian Clock, improving skin's function, hydration and appearance, while also serving as a precursor to Vitamin D production

• Time Release Fragrance provides a long lasting effect, leaving everyone you meet with the memory of your signature scent

Designer Skin Elusive Fragrance: Dewy Ozonic Lily


13.5 oz.


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.5 oz.