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Devoted Creations ADORNED Total Bronzing Complex -13.5 oz.

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For You!  Devoted Creations Adorned Exclusive firming, contouring and smoothing skin tighteners

Be Adorned and Devoted This one of a kind tanning formulation will transform your skin and give you a ravishingly flawless matte-finish airbrush tan. Tightening, toning, and contouring ingredients plus potent revolutionary skin care breakthrough elements will also help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Added tan extenders will intensely hydrate for color that lasts beyond your wildest dreams. Only the best for you… We don’t just love you, we adore you!

Kollaren - Potent skin conditioner, collagen production peptide
Snow Algea Powder - Rejuvenates your look at the cellular level
Intenslim™ - Helps to breakdown skins stored fat accumulation
Renovage™ - Firms, hydrates & plumps the skin
PhyToCelltec™ - Protects longevity of skin while combating chronological aging & preserving youthful look of skin
SunXtend color extending formula
Devoted Creations Adorned Coral Essence Fragrance


13.5 oz.


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