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Devoted Creations LE MOMENT Advanced Bronzer Formula - 13.5 oz.

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Devoted Creations Le Moment Advanced Bronzer Formul

Hand Crafted - Plateau Breaking - 24 Hour Moisture System

Don’t wait for the perfect moment… Take the moment and make it perfect. Le Moment's™ fast acting, long lasting bronzing formula will revolutionize the way you look at tanning lotion. This handcrafted formula is rich in anti-aging and skin perfecting ingredients so the color results and condition of your skin will transform to incomparable tanning heights. There is no better time then the present … So live in Le Moment...

Blushing Suede Fragrance

• Remarkably High Levels of High DHA, Natural & Cosmetic Bronzers • Cashmere Blend 24 Hour Hydration system • Repairs cell damage and increases collagen production for firmer, younger looking skin • Collagen producing peptides • Revolutionary new Snow Algae Powder • AntiAging & skin firming benefits of Phytocelltec, Renovage & Cell LD • SunXtend color extending formula • Works during and after your tanning session to facilitate the natural tanning process • Cellulite fighting and toning formula • Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting Technology


13.5 oz.


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