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Devoted Creations-Tanning Lotion

When you purchase any bottle of Our Devoted Creations Tanning Lotion, you will get to experience the unique and powerful anti-aging compound known as Strivitan. 

This incredible formula has been proven to enhance your skin and add exceptional tone, making it firmer and decreasing the presence of any wrinkles. Who knew you could get an amazing tan and improve the look and feel of your skin from using Our Tanning Products? Devoted Creations Tanning is dedicated to providing you with the best indoor tanning lotions and products, accessories and more. Tanning number one goal is to help you achieve the best looking tan possible - all the while keeping your skin healthy, revitalized and silky smooth. With several award winning products Devoted Creations Wholesale Tanning, delivering on that promise isn't too difficult to do.

Another important element that can make or break is their fragrance. No matter how good a lotion is, a bad scent will send most to run for the hills. Our Tanning Lotions have hundreds of great luxurious and intense scents to choose from, giving you a pleasant scent that you will never have to worry about hiding.

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