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Ed Hardy COMING IN HOT Tanning Thermal Black Bronzer - 10.0 oz.

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Ed Hardy Coming In Hot Thermal Active Black Bronzer 

HOT or NOT? Don’t ask us, because we always choose HOT! Coming in HOT!’s™ thermal active warming blend will stimulate the oxygen in the skin for the darkest, most even, long lasting color on the market! Black Charcoal and Black Tea extracts work to detoxify, purify, and pull impurities from the skin. With Coming in HOT!™ you hit the color jackpot!

• Rapid Release DHA Bronzer with thermal active tingle additives

• Hot action skin tingling formula

• Oil Absorbing

• Blemish Fighting

• Superfruit Antioxidants

  • Fragrance - Superfruit
  • Fast acting and rapid release DHA bronzers blended with thermal active tingle ingredients to provide faster, longer lasting results.
  • Thermal Active Blend - Stimulates oxygen in the skin for darker results.
  • Black Charcoal - Absorbs excess oil, detoxifies, and reduces inflammation while aiding in improving acne prone skin.
  • Black Tea - Strong antioxidant with astringent properties that helps to reduce blemishes.
  • Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6™ - Powerful anti-aging peptide that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for long lasting results.
  • Mangosteen - Super fruit anti-aging antioxidant that fights free radical damage.


10.0 oz.


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