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Ed Hardy Dragon Throne Dark Black Bronzer - 8.5 oz.

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Ed Hardy Dragon Throne Dark Black Bronzer

If you are plotting a revenge on your current tanning cream, then make the choice to be the king of color with Ed Hardy’s Dragon Throne! Formulated for the color you were born to have, this royal formula contains skin softeners, natural extracts and dark DHA Bronzers. Even if winter is coming, that doesn’t mean you need to look like snow, be the ruler of color and dark as night with Ed hardy’s Dragon Throne!

• Ultra-Black Bronzers for Quick Color
• Essential Antioxidants
• Detoxifying Formula
• Skin Softening & Hydrating

• Dark bronzing formula allows you to see color quicker and maintain color longer

• Seaweed Extracts help to detoxify and pull impurities from the skin

• Beeswax for skin conditioning and hydrating properties

• Powerful Antioxidants help fight free radical damage for younger, healthier skin

• Color extending formula


8,5 oz.