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Ed Hardy TANISTA Tanning Optimizer Tan Enhancer -11 oz.

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Ed Hardy TANISTA Tanning Optimizer Tan Enhancer

Tanista is hand crafted for the ultimate fashionista! Tanista’s one of a kind self adjusting BB crème formula will help to mask and shade tiny imperfections while shrinking pore size, evening out skins tone and texture while also reducing the appearance of stubborn cellulite. Why settle for anything less then the best? If you demand perfection, unleash the Tanista within you!

• Perfectly auto darkening Tan Enhancer
• BB Crème Skin Perfecting Formula
• Melanin Stimulating
• Quad Tyrosine Blend
• Tattoo & Color protecting
• Anti-Redding Formula
• Lush Pink Woods


13.5 oz.


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