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Hoss Sauce OUTLAW RED HOT MAXXX Tingle - 9.0 oz.

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Hoss Sauce Outlaw Red Hot Maxxx Tingle 

He's back! Tanning's original Bad Boy Outlaw has returned and this time with the baddest tingle ever. The Outlaw zapped his legendary tingle products with many levels of scientifically discovered tingle motivating bio-nutrients and increased vitamins and minerals for added advanced skin care. Hot, powerful and containing a body satisfying infusion of the finest silky silicone, all natural hemp seed oil, skin firming mega nutrients, and the latest level of tingle known as "Maxxx Tingle". This fiery Red Hot with Maxxx Tingle is so hot that it shouldn't be legal" but it was added to create an extremely dark tan...

• Hoss Sauce Outlaw Red Hot Maxxx, Contains L Tyrosine for faster melanin production, which allows you to tan faster!


9.0 oz.


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