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John Abate MELAPLUS with Tyrosine - non Tingle - 8.0 oz.

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John Abate Melaplus with Tyrosine 

Non Tingle a unique melanin enhancer formulated especially for tanners.  Should be used during the first few tanning sessions to build a base tan.  Once a base tan has been established, advance to the next level (Tingle Factor 1).  John Abate Melaplus with Tyrosine - non Tingle, Melaplus, should continue to be used as a daily skin conditioner on a regular basis to extend and improve tanning results.

Use Mela plus two ways:

1. As a tanning accelerator, apply it prior to initial tanning sessions to build a base tan.

2. As a tanning skin conditioner, used it daily to greatly improve tanning results and maintain a tan longer the more you use it, the better your tan

3, A unique melanin enhancer, rich in Tyrosine and vitamins, formulated especially for tanners.


8.0 oz.


Excellent, moisturizing tanning lotion to help build natural looking color. Smells great, like you are tanning in the tropics. Great if you dont want the tingling and redness most other accelerators cause.
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