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Most FLAMIN HOT Tanning Tingle Lotion Insanely Hot 200 X - 13.5 oz.

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Most Flamin Hot Tanning Lotion Insanely Hot 200 X

Advanced Tingle Concentrate with Tropical Butter Blend for Firming, Smoothing, & Contouring
Heat up instantly and get ready for a long slow burn. This 200X Tingle/Bronzer formula will get your blood boiling and skin obtaining its deepest, darkest color. A Tropical butter blend will melt into your skin for a youthful, wrinkle free appearance that will want everyone seeking the Heat!

• 200X Tingle heat up instantly and keep reddening over long period for optimal dark tan results.
• 200X Bronzing provides deep penetrating bronzers to give a bronze, golden appearance.
• Tropical Butter Blend a combination of cocoa, mango, and avocado that slowly melt into skin for the best in skincare results.
• Skin Firming and Anti-Aging to leave a youthful appearance that is vibrant, sexy, and Silky smooth


13.5 oz.


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