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Swedish Beauty Honey Bee Bronze Facial Tanner - 3.0 oz.

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Swedish Beauty Honey Bee Bronze Facial Tanner

Put your most radiant face forward with the advanced, age-fighting power of honey in this most buzzed-about DHA blend with bronzers. Set your shade to incredibly intense color. Bronze is BEE-autiful.

* Hypoallergenic + Fragrance Free: determined safe for even the most sensitive skin.
* Extended Release DHA Bronzing Blend: Rich liposomal DHA blend with added bronzers for natural, dark color.
* Boosted BioBronze Blend: Tropical Fruit Smoothie of Cocoa, Orange, Angelica Root and Banana extracts enhance your natural color.
* TanStart Technology: Melanin and Tyrosine blend stimulates pigment production, building your base color.
* Ultimate Hydration & Protection: Blend of vitamins and natural oils moisturize with antioxidant protection.

Fragrance : Free


3.0 oz.


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