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Swedish Beauty Pink Proper DHA Bronzer - 8.5 oz.

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Swedish Beauty Pink Proper DHA Bronzer

Elegance. Sophistication. Poise. Become a member of the chic-elite with this polished and fanciful Swedish Beauty Pink Proper DHA bronzer! You’re the girly, ultra-femme socialite who loves making a grand entrance, so what better debut than overdressed, extravagant color? Dark bronzers plus a special Praline and Honey blend hydrate for delightfully smooth, charming skin as sweet as a southern belle! Privilege awaits, so grab your pearls and step up to the high society of Pink & Proper™! 

• Praline: Improves skin’s overall feel and look with smoothing vitamins and nutrients
• Honey: Contains antioxidants that help skin stay youthful
• Firming and Toning Blend: Caffeine and Allantoin help tone the skin and work to stimulate tissue growth
• Flawless Finish Moisture: 3 super moisturizers promote a glowing bronze for any skin type.
Flawless Finish Moisture
Fragrance: Pinkberry- Pinkberries, Mandarin, Jasmine, Coconut Milk,
Sugarcane, Vanilla, Soft Woods, Musk


8.5 oz.


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