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Swedish Beauty Pink Surf White Bronzer Tanning Lotion - 8.5 oz.

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Swedish Beauty PINK SURF P40 Limited Edition White Bronzer 

Peace. Love. Salt. Sand. No shirt, no shoes? No problem! You're a laid-back, chill chick who loves hanging out in your favorite bikini with your toes in the sand. So grab your board and paddle out to catch the next wave of perfect color! Hang ten with this Barefoot White Bronzer for sun kissed, dark color. Let Surf Guard protect your tattoos while Vitamin Sea™ leaves your skin enriched and glowing. Good vibes happen on the tides, so get ready to make waves with Limited Edition Pink Surf!

P40 Barefoot White Bronzer: Features clear DHA to provide lasting and even color without compromising your skin from streaking or staining
Vitamin Sea: Water Lily and Seaberry work to relieve and support with vitamins and amino acids for gorgeous skin
Surf Guard: Blend of Rosemary and Cucumber works to protect and revitalize tattoos, prolonging their color and vibrancy
Toning and Rejuvenating Blend: Caffeine and Allantoin help to tone and rejuvenate skin for a balanced, radiant complexion
Flawless Finish Moisture: Super moisturizers promote a glowing bronze, for perfect skin any sea goddess would adore


8.5 oz.


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