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Tan Asz U ISLAND BLACK Plateau Busting 200 X Bronzer - 64.0 oz.

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Tan Asz U Island Black Plateau Busting 200X Bronzer

Advanced Plateau Busting 200X Bronzer

There’s black, and then there’s island black. This worthy-of worship island glow continues to develop beyond your darkest desires, ultimately reaching an unmistakable paradise bronze. No luggage & jet lag-the best part of an island getaway is right here.

Plateau-busting 200X Bronzers bring your bronze to the next level

ColorEvolve kiss-of-DHA serum continues to build to your darkest tan yet

Activated Charcoal gives your color that coveted island glow

Max Silicone complex

Paraben Free

Fragrance: Tropical Fruit Bellini


64.0 oz.


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