Tanning Beds

 How to Make the Best Use of Tanning Beds


Indoor Tanning Basics

Even though there have been some reservations about the use of indoor tanning beds in medical circles,

thousands of people still use them at least once a year. The reason? It provides the near-natural glow

that mere lotions or spray tans cannot give.


Knowing About Tanning Beds

Even though 10% of Americans use tanning beds in a year, not all users achieve the same results from

tanning bed use. This can be due to the nature of their skin. But remember that the best tanning beds

can only provide the skin shade you need if you have some basic knowledge about an indoor tanning

session. That is why we will provide you some tips so that you can derive the maximum benefit from

tanning bed use.


Get Information

If you are new to this procedure, it would be helpful to visit a salon and get some information on exactly

how indoor tanning works. You can read this information online, or ask a friend who knows about

tanning beds.


However, we still recommend that you get your queries answered directly from the people who will

provide the tanning bed service.


Duration of a Tanning Bed Session

If you have never undergone indoor tanning bed sessions and your skin is fairly light, you will be asked

to just lay on the bed and will be exposed to the rays for just a few minutes. Later, as your skin gets

used to the rays and a solid tan base develops, you will be recommended to take longer sessions. This is

crucial, for if you take a long session the very first time, your skin will burn instead of being tanned!


How Can Lotions Help?

Indoor tanning gels may not provide remarkable results when used on their own, but if you know

how to use lotions before and after a tanning bed session, you may just be able to achieve the perfect



A good indoor tan lotion helps you to prepare your skin for the tanning bed, and after you have

completed the session, the same products can help you maintain the tan for longer periods of time.


Although indoor lotions are available in a wide variety, you can even use a combination of different

products if you do not like a specific lotion. For instance, you can purchase separate lotions for

the face, neck, and body.


Apply these a few hours before getting into the tanning bed and make sure all parts of the body have

been moisturized as you will not be wearing any clothes during the session.



If you are going for an indoor tanning session, always remember the following things:


• Put on the eye cover provided by the salon

• Close eyes completely to protect them from the rays

• Use sunblock in indoor sessions as well to avoid burning

• Avoid falling asleep (more on this below)

• Put up your hair


Achieving a Balanced Tan

For the most part, you will be lying straight on your back with your eyes closed during the tanning bed

session. However, if you fall asleep, all areas of your body may not be tanned evenly. That is why moving

sideways and lifting your arm from time to time is important.


Also raise your body up a few inches every now and then to ensure that the back of your body does not

become completely pale. As far as the facial option is concerned, only increase its frequency gradually.



By preparing yourself before the indoor tanning session, you can make the most of your tanning bed

use. Finally, remember to moisturize your skin after coming back from the salon as well.