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Review No1.

Sun-Kissed: Jwoww Self Tanning Spray

The self tanning gel that gives you great results

The top three things that most people look for in self tanners are ease of application as well as streak

free and natural looking results. After trying nearly every self tanning product out there, I came across

this one, the Jwoww Bronze Self Tanning Sprayl.


Out of all of the self tanners available in the market, this one has probably come out the closest as far as

giving the best results goes. If only this feeling could last forever. The product actually meets all three of

the mentioned requirements needed to give the best tanning results.


Review No2.

The All New Self-Tanning Spray by Snooki by Supre

With air brush tanners being the latest craze, it seems like just about everyone is jumping on the band

wagon. Nicole Polizzi product made by Supre is specially designed for light to medium tones which was

perfect for my type of skin. Using the tanning spray by Snooki subtly enhanced my skin’s color and tone

leaving me with the perfect sun kissed glow.


This non-greasy sun tan spray also provides a burst of moisture along with a radiance that lasts for

almost a week. This self tanning spray comes with a 360 degree nozzle allowing you to easily apply the

sun tan to the desired body part. The self tanning spray by Fake Bake only takes a few minutes to dry

completely leaving you with the perfect depth of color and beautiful soft skin.


Review No3.

Get an Intense Sun Tan with Body Invest Amber Sun Mousse Medium Dark

The new sun tan lotion by Body Invest Amber Sun Mousse left me with a magnificent shade of bronze

that I never thought possible. The Ultra Medium Dark Mousse offers excellent value with its beautiful

gradual tan with organic ingredients.


I started using this product a few days ago and have noticed the difference on my face. The best thing

about this sun tan is that the color is not orangey or streaky. Along with being the best sun tan lotion I

have tried out in a while, it’s also a good moisturizer for people with dry skin.


This product has amazingly reduced the wrinkles on my face and around my eyes. I definitely

recommend this sun tan to everyone.


Review No4.

The New Nuvo Bronze Original Self Tanning Mousse and S[ray 

This sunless tanner by Nuvo Bronze Original is an instant bronzer. This tanning lotion helped me get an

instant bronze color in just thirty minutes. The easy to use flip top bottle also helped me apply the lotion

equally all over my body and the fast dry formula allowed me to dress in five minutes after application.

The Nuvo Bronze Original self tanning lotion left my skin with a beautiful glow that looks great in the



Fake Bake’s new formula keeps you and your color caught up in the moment. The blissfully dark tanning

lotion provides the perfect golden color all season even for the palest of skin tones. This lotion smells

sooo good and leaves my skin so soft. There is truly no other sun tan product like this one in the market.


Review No5.

The newest Sun Tan Spray Australian Gold JWOWW 

The new Australian Gold JWOWW will leave you feeling sexy all summer. This latest formula gave me

the sexiest tan I’ve had all year. It left me with a beautiful bronze glow that is worthy of tanning royalty

that I am.


The intense and rich bronzers designed for instant and true color than many of the products on the

shelves today. Its ultimate Containing Fast Dry Technology provided me with the perfect balance for my

skin leaving it looking exotic and radiant all summer long.


I really love this sun tan lotion very much.