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The Best Tanning Bed Lotions



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In order to find out what is the best tanning lotion, individual preferences need to be considered.

When it comes to people who use tanning beds or indoor tanning, they usually prefer tanning

lotions based on two main categories: the bronzers and the tingles. True to their name, the

bronzers are responsible for the golden brown skin hues that are preferred by those looking for

a glamorous look. The tingles do what their name suggests; they produce a tingling sensation on

the skin that increases circulation and facilitates a better tanning experience.


Tanning beds and tanning lotions have come a pretty long way. Consumers today have the

choice of choosing from vertical tanning beds or regular ‘lying down’ ones while also having

a variety of tanning bed settings to choose from and a multitude of good tanning lotions to

consider based on their skin type and general preference. For a tanning lotion to be considered

for “what is the best tanning lotion”, it needs to satisfy the unique requirements of the user.


The choices are many but the following tanning lotions have been selected due to their

popularity with tanners and salon owners as well as for the different tanning requirements they



Pro Tan Tanning Lotions

An accessible and reliable favorite for years, this affordable and hypoallergenic Low

Priced brand is great on the skin. It is non-greasy and has rightly been trusted by

consumers for years for its great results. This brand is hands down a true contender for

“what is the best tanning lotion.”


Designer Skin 14 Karat Gold Rush Best Tanning Lotion

Another Best option, this brand delivers great tanning results without causing a

huge dent in your wallet. This lotion comes with fun packaging and enough moisturizers to

keep your skin as smooth as a baby’s while you tan. This tanning lotion is another great

addition to the list of “what is the best tanning lotion.”


California Tan Palm Agave Tanning Bed Lotion Intensifier Step 1

California Tan Palm CoConut Natural Tanning Lotion Bronzer Step 2

A reliable and budget-friendly tanning lotion, California Tan Palm Lotions makes

the list of “what is the best tanning lotion” because of its consistent tanning results and

wonderful fragrance.


Swedish Beauty Love Boho Intensifier Tanning Lotion

Swedish Beauty Love Boho Bronzer Tanning Lotion

This luxurious tanning lotion feels just as delicious on the skin as its name sounds. The

brand Swedish Beauty is an industry favorite due to the high quality of ingredients used

in the making of all its products.


Australian Gold Darkside 30x Bronzer

This bronzer is enriched with hemp and helps make your skin firm while providing some

of the best tanning results around. This is a good tanning lotion to use when you want that

sun bronzed glow.


Designer Skin Black Dahlia Flourish Tanning Lotion

Geared for use by both men and women, this top-of-the-line tanning lotion comes

enriched with essential vitamins such as E, C and A that provide a burst of nutrients to

increase the elasticity of skin, making it appear smoother and younger. A healthy dose of

avocado oil provides a respectable shot of moisture with users reporting a very obvious

change in skin color right after just one use.


Based on the above given recommendations you can now make the right choice to figure

out what is the best tanning lotion for you.