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Three Wishes, Tan Genie Knight Extreme Accelerator Bronzer - 8.5 oz.

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Three Wishes, Tan GenieĀ  Knight Extreme Accelerator Bronzer

Knight Extreme Accelerator from Three Wishes is a 30x wicked dark accelerator lotion for indoor tanning.
Advanced Pentabronzer Three Wishes exclusive Pentabronzer technology is formulated to give you the darkest color possible without streaking.
Extreme Accelerator Formulated to be the strongest accelerator possible for experienced tanners looking for the next realm in tanning.

Fragrance = Fizzy Mango


8.0 oz.


Three Wishes, Tan Genie Knight,
I have tried many other tanning lotions. Priced from low to very high. I love this one. It works wonderfully. No streaking. Leaves my skin soft and silky. Wont buy any other. People see me at the place where i tan and ask me every time what lotion i use. Cannot beat it.
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