Vitamin D From Tanning Beds

All you need to know

 Sunlight is the main source of Vitamin D however the good news is that you can get Vitamin D

from tanning beds also.

Doctors have long advised the benefits of using sunlight to get all the Vitamin D requirements

that the body needs. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient as it helps the body absorb calcium and

since it is only available in minute quantities in the foods we eat, sunlight is the only source for

getting adequate amounts of Vitamin D in the body.


Without Vitamin D, the human body is unable to absorb sufficient calcium needed for the

development and maintenance of bones leading to health conditions such as osteoporosis and

arthritis. Vitamin D is also known to increase the body’s resistance to certain types of cancers.

Hence Vitamin D is vital to the body’s optimal functioning.


But due to reasons such as time, convenience, climate etc.

is not always possible. Research shows that one in every

deficiency and the cause is usually linked to lifestyles that

the body between the hours of somewhere from 10 am

absorbency from the sun.


This is where Vitamin D from tanning beds comes into its own. Research from the University

of Boston shows that UV rays that emit out of tanning beds can actually replicate the effect of

sunlight on the skin. The study claims that these rays can trigger the production of Vitamin D in

the body hence Vitamin D from tanning beds is not just an idea, it is an established fact, backed

by research.


There is no better alternative than to make the use of tanning beds to ensure you get enough

Vitamin D for your body without exposing it to the sun. Getting Vitamin D from sunlight is a

double-edged sword; you derive the benefit of your body producing Vitamin D as it is exposed

to the sun but at the same time you court the risk of exposing your skin to UVB rays, the main

cause of skin cancer. Hence your best option is to make do with Vitamin D from tanning beds.


‘D’ production

Vitamin D production is triggered when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Doctors

recommend exposing the face and arms for at least 20 minutes to get the maximum


Vitamin D the body needs in a single day. Getting Vitamin D from tanning beds is

actually a much quicker process as the UV rays emitting from a tanning bed are much

more concentrated than the sun’s rays that you would expose yourself to. Hence Vitamin

D from tanning beds is produced much quickly in a shorter amount of time as due to the

concentrated tanning bed rays you would not be spending a long time exposed to them.


A word of caution

However, there are still some arguments out there that do not favor getting Vitamin D

from tanning beds. It is also claimed that long exposure to UV rays emitted by tanning

beds can increase the risk of skin cancer. However, when you take into account the very

high levels of Vitamin D from tanning beds that are easy to produce in tanning sessions,

the pros far outweigh the cons, if any.


The good news

The Vitamin D Council states that staying on a tanning until the time that the skin starts

to turn rosy the person tanning can generate Vitamin D IUs anywhere from 10,000 to



It is important to remember that just as sensible sun exposure is good for health and vitality,

similarly a sensible amount of exposure to tanning bed rays should be observed in order to obtain

Vitamin D from tanning beds. Keep in mind that many salons calibrate their tanning beds to

maximize tanning and minimize skin burning and that in turn also minimizes the metabolizing

of Vitamin D. So always be educated before reaping the benefits of obtaining Vitamin D from

tanning beds.